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Three new novels supporting the Storm of Magic expansion for Warhammer Fantasy Battles have just been announced. Razumov's Tomb by Darius Hinks, available now, Dragonmage by Chris Wraight, available in July, and The Hour of Shadows by C. L. Werner, available in August. In The Hour of Shadows, a sinister force menaces the Wood Elf realm of Athel Loren - skaven necromancer Black Seer Huskk Gnawbone. His objective is the Golden Pool, a source of almost unlimited magical power. However, the forest is not without its defenders. Spellweaver Ywain marshals her allies to defend the Golden Pool and exterminate the verminous invaders. However, the greatest threat may not come from without, but from within...
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In issue #8 of the Black Library's e-zine Hammer & Bolter, something sinister is preying upon ships voyaging from Carroburg to the great port city of Marienburg. Survivors tell wild stories about horrible swamp devils that kill with poisonous mist and bear only a single great glowing eye in their hideous faces. It is up to Riverwarden Tjarda Visscher and Hein van Seeckt, special agent of Marienburg's burghers, to uncover the truth behind the vanishing ships. But will they be prepared for what they find? Read 'Marshlight' to find out!
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Victories of the Space Marines is the new action-packed Warhammer 40k anthology from the Black Library. Filled with tales written by some of the Black Library's top authors, this collection features stories by Gav Thorpe, Ben Counter, James Swallow, and, in his triumphant return to the Black Library, Jonathan Green. Included among the proceedings is 'Black Dawn' a tale of the Emperor's Warbringers written by C. L. Werner in which the discovery of a relic from the Great Crusade dooms an entire planet.
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From out of the icy wastes of Norsca sails the magical longship Seafang and her fierce captain, Wulfrik the Wanderer. After a drunken boast declaring himself the greatest champion in the world, the Ruinous Powers have placed their curse upon Wulfrik, dooming him to sail the currents of Chaos in search of new challenges to prove his bold claim. But now a mysterious sorcerer from the Chaos Wastes has come to Wulfrik claiming there is a way to cheat the gods... if the hero has the courage to dare the most dangerous lands in the mortal realm.
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Fear the Alien is the latest anthology of stories set in the grim darkness of Warhammer 40000. Featuring stories from Black Library stalwarts like Dan Abnett, Nick Kyme and Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Fear the Alien pits the Imperium of Mankind against the many xenos threats that menace its worlds. From the bio-horrors of the Tyranids to the sadistic Dark Eldar and the mechanical malignance of the Necrons, this collection spans the range of humanity's alien foes. The collection also marks the first Warhammer 40k story by C. L. Werner as a human world falls prey to the brutal Orks in 'Iron Inferno'.
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Temple of the Serpent marks the return of nefarious Grey Seer Thanquol, arch-foe of Gotrek and Felix. This time, Thanquol finds himself impressed into a scheme by Clan Eshin to assassinate a mighty lizardman prophet. With the threat of instant death hovering over his head, Thanquol embarks on a voyage for the steaming jungles of fabled Lustria. But his problems have only started when he sets out to find the Temple of Sotek. Dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, rat-eating sharks, piranha lizards, giants snakes and the savage lizardmen themselves are only a few of the dangerous of this land that time forgot. Can Thanquol snatch victory from the fangs of disaster and escape the curse of the Old Ones?
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From Rogue Blades Entertainment, Demons: A Clash of Steel Anthology is now available. This anthology collects 28 tales of infernal creatures and the bold heroes who defy them. Featuring stories by Jon Green, Christopher Heath, Frederick Tor, Sandro D. Felcher, Demons takes fantasy back to the glory days of sword and sorcery, evoking the styles of Robert E. Howard, C. L. Moore and Michael Moorcock. This anthology also features a Shintaro Oba story by C. L. Werner!
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Returning to print after six years, the bloody saga of Brunner is now available in a gigantic omnibus edition. This volume contains the books: Blood Money, Blood and Steel, and Blood of the Dragon along with the short stories: 'What Price Vengeance', 'Sickhouse', and 'Wolfshead'.

Read the savage exploits of the bounty-killer Brunner as he hunts some of the Old World's most ruthless villians. Dragons, witches, vampires, and werewolves... no foe is too monstrous for Brunner if there is a price on its head.

Track down Brunner today, before he finds you.

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Now on sale, the new Warhammer anthology Death & Dishonour features nine brand-new short stories. As well as a new Gotrek & Felix story by Nathon Long and the return of Robert Earl's Florin and Lorenzo, this anthology also brings back the infamous bounty killer Brunner in 'Wolfshead'.
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The long awaited expansion sourcebook for AE-WWII is now available! The Occult Expansion adds new arcane units and detachments to American and British forces, allowing the Allies access to such supernatural troops as golems and Navajo skinwalkers. This sourcebook also presents two new Axis factions. The occultists of the SS are fierce rivals of the geneticists of the SD and have built themselves an arsenal of eldritch weaponry based upon necromancy, demonology and the ancient power of the runes. The Russian Liberation Army is a force of Russians allied with Germany against Stalin and his Soviet forces. Dominated by a cult of mystics and their inhuman progeny, the ROA exploits its uneasy alliance with the Germans to drive the communists from Mother Russia.

Packed with rich history and exacting detail, the Occult Expansion adds a whole new level to the AE-WWII table top war game. With rules for everything from horse cavalry to werewolves and vampires, this expansion has something for everyone.

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The Forces of Destruction wage war upon the civilized lands and the Ravenhost is poised to march upon the Empire in an unstoppable tide. To ensure victory against the Order of the Griffon, the power of the Winds of Chaos must be fully unleashed. But to work such awesome magic, the marauder Kormak must dare the Bastion Stair, portal to the Realm of Khorne, and defy the Blood Godís wrath. The warriors of the Ravenhost are not the only ones with an interest in harnessing Chaos. Treacherous dark elves and brutish orcs would each seize the power for themselves, while a desperate Imperial army races to deny all of their foes the dread might of Chaos.
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When the noxious artefact known as the Wormstone is discovered, only one being in the insidious skaven Under-Empire is vicious and ruthless enough to dare harness its awful power: Grey Seer Thanquol. But when the artefact is stolen by smugglers, Thanquol must recover it. Not only that but a mysterious wizard and his band of henchmen are also trying to stop him. Only by finding the Wormstone, avoiding the murderous attentions of his treacherous subordinates and dodging the displeasure of his superiors in Skavenblight will Thanquol realise his plan to bring the kingdoms of both man and ratkin to their knees...
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