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Will there be another Mathias Thulmann novel?

This is one of the projects that has been mentioned a few times in discussions regarding future novels for the Black Library. At present, between Thanquol and the Chaos books, however, I am not sure when Mathias Thulmann will be able to fit into the Black Library's schedule. I do have a rough plot worked out which I think would hold a few shocks for readers of the series.


What sources do you use when researching your stories?

Just about anything I can get my hands on! For general purposes I will ransack a lot of Osprey publications to get things like armour, terminology and general tactical overviews. There is an immense wealth of very specialized information in the Osprey library, from Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces of WWII to Teutonic Knights to ancient Chinese armies. Since I tend to write about conflict and fighting men, these military histories are invaluable.

For Warhammer in particular, I use the last three editions of army books, considerable material from the Mordheim skirmish game, and the WFRPG books published by Black Industries.


Shouldn't there be more questions in this FAQ?

Any serious question that pops up with enough frequency will probably appear here in the future. In the meantime, join the forums and see if you can't get a direct response to tide you over. 2009 Werner & Waggle | Contact Us